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May Wood Simons (Wood)

Birth DateMay 10, 1876
BirthplaceBaraboo Wisconsin, USA
Death DateDecember 3, 1948
Death LocationNew Martinsville West Virginia, USA
SummaryMay Wood Simons (1876-1948) was a social reformer, writer, and teacher. She developed nationally acclaimed programs for the assimilation of immigrants and the political education of women, and published several notable works, including Women and the Social Problem and Outline of Civics. She and her husband were members of the Socialist Labor Party and she became a significant figure in the socialist movement as a lecturer and assistant editor of the Chicago Party Socialist (1907-1910).
SignificanceIn 1909, the first National Woman’s Day was held throughout the United States on the last Sunday of February, the 28th. It was organized by the Socialist Party of the United States' newly formed Woman’s National Committee to celebrate the political rights of women. Evanston resident May Wood Simons was a delegate to, and later head of, the committee and spoke in favor of the Socialist party supporting women’s suffrage. Simons and her husband, Algie, wrote for and edited several socialist publica...More
FatherPhilip Avery Wood
MotherAnna Crook
Spouse(s) and Occupation(s)Algie Martin Simons, a newspaper editor, personnel management expert, and leader in the socialist movement.
ChildrenTwo; Miriam Eleanor (1900), Laurence (1898-1899)
EducationBaraboo HS, 1891 Northwestern University, 1893-1895 (withdrew to be medical missionary) University of Chicago, 1905: PH.B. in Economics NU, Ph.D. in economics, 1930
Years in Evanston1897; returned in 1921
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